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Safety & Environmental Task

With tasks you will control what needs to be done and when from a single platform. You will know what was done to the second, who did it, and what requires further attention. 

Workers with Safety Vests

Key BenEfits

VPP Ready

Ready to take your safety program to the next level? Valid8s will show you how to not only meet VPP requirements but exceed them!

Safety STOP

With Valid8s you can stop a unsafe situation BEFORE it even starts!

We'll show you how!


Control what needs to be done, when, where, and by who.

Know what requires further action and track it to completion.


We'll show you how to turn static policy into dynamic action.

And end the cycle of "relearning" mistakes. 

Safety Risk

Even with thousands of tasks you will know what is a priority and why. Valid8s will provide you with a system that turns chaos into direction.  


Track all action item automatically. Know what are priorities and assign to those that can close them out.






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